Roller Bones Super Elite Wheels

Roller Bones Super Elite Wheels

Product SKU: 1BSE


High Quality Elite Compound, featuring Nylon hub for perfect bearing seat, ensuring a perfect roll. Super elite gives you a faster smoother rolling wheel.

Hardness: 101A or 103A (62mm only)

57mm x 30mm 101A only

62mm x 30mm (+$5.00) 101A and 103A


A skate uses a total of eight wheels.

This product priced for a set of eight.

Roller Bones Super Elite Wheels

57 MMBlack101AOut of Stock
57 MMWhite101AOut of Stock
57 MMWhite103ALimited Availability
57 MMWhiskey101AOut of Stock
62 MMBlack101AOut of Stock
62 MMBlack103AOut of Stock
62 MMWhite101AOut of Stock
62 MMWhite103AOut of Stock
62 MMWhiskey101AOut of Stock
62 MMWhiskey103AOut of Stock
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